CSI Sustainability Committee

Our Sustainable Campus

Click on the green building icons on the map below to learn about each building's sustainable features.  After clicking on the building, scroll down to see the sustainable features.

CSI Campus Map Health Sciences & Human Services Building Herrett Center McManaman Maintenance and Security Building Aspen Building Shields Building Taylor Building Eagle Hall Dorm Art Annex Fine Arts Center Meyerhoeffer Evergreen Building Physical Education and Student Recreation Center Desert and Canyon Perrine Coulee

Campus Features

  • Computerized and centralized management of campus buildings control energy use, including exterior lighting, air handlers and other HVAC delivery equipment
  • Chilled water systems utilize an efficient loop system that ties many buildings together on campus
  • Many buildings utilize geothermal heating
  • Computer labs have automatic evening shut-down
  • CSI alkaline batteries are recycled
  • Non-potable canal water is used to irrigate 80%-85% of grounds
  • Lawn clippings are mulched into the soil rather than collected
  • New north campus plantings are native or drought tolerant
  • Specialized lighting diminishes light pollution on walkways