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We are CSI faculty, staff, administrators, and students who have come together to promote sustainable practices on campus and community wide.

MISSION Statement:

The College of Southern Idaho's Sustainability Council is working to make sustainable practices a priority and cultural norm in our community.

Sustainability Defined:

Sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland, 1987 Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development). Thus, sustainability is based on social, economic, and ecological actions that affect our quality of life now and in the future.

Green Foot Print


Upcoming Events

5th Annual CSI Sustainability Fair

April 22, 2015

10:00-1:00 in the SUB


Leave your car at home!
Burn calories, not fuel!
Active Transportation Week at CSI

Hop on your Bicycle or your Long Board
Walk or Run to CSI

Monday, April 20 —Friday, April 24
Check in at the Bus Stop - Main Campus Entrance

7:45 AM—12:00 noon all week long






Sponsored by the CSI Sustainability Council and Longboarders’ Club

The more you bike, board, run, or walk, the more chances you have to win great prizes!

Monthly Meetings

Sustainability Council meets the second Tuesday of the month during the school year at 1 PM in Shields 201.  A second meeting time is under discussion.  Please join us.

Featured Recent Happenings

These Come from Trees

Check out the link below for a quick TED talk on how to get effective results while using a smaller paper towel.


Puncture Vine Eradication

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, the Sustainability Council sponsored a Puncture Vine (Goat Head) Eradication Event.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  Think of all the bike tires that will stay inflated thanks to your efforts.

Great News for CSI Bike Commuters!


 The CSI Sustainability Council received a Pioneering Grant and was able to purchase a DERO Fixit Bicycle Repair Station!  It has been installed (thank you Marc James) at the northeast corner of the Student Recreation Center.

 The new bike station allows the bike-riding community at CSI to make simple repairs without visiting a bike shop. Scanning a QR code on the station with a smartphone opens up a webpage that details everything from changing tires to installing and tightening nuts and

bolts on the bike. The station also includes a bike pump for filling deflated tires with air.

The station is not just for repairing commuter’s bikes. We hope the station helps dorm students maintain their own bikes and puts an end to the bicycle graveyards that normally pop up on campus at the end of the year. Instead of leaving derelict, rusting bikes on racks around campus for security to pick up at the end of the year, students can actually go fix their bikes.

Pump up your tires, put on your helmet and get riding!!

Van Pool from Hailey

Do you commute between the Hailey area and the CSI campus in Twin Falls along Highway 75/93? Mountain Rides is providing CSI students and employees an economical way to save money and reduce pollution.  The van originates from CSI’s Hailey Campus with Shoshone, Gooding, Dietrich, Richfield riders meeting the van in Shoshone. (Example: a Gooding rider can save approximately 35 miles per day in fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear.) During Spring Semester 2013 the van arrives on campus M-F before 8 a.m. and leaves M, TH at 4 p.m., T,W at 5 p.m. and F at 2 p.m.

For more information, contact jdavidson@csi.edu

Bike Week, Fall 2012

Aside from one windy cold Wednesday morning, we had beautiful weather for a very well attended Active Transportation Week.  An average of 30 bikers/walkers/boarders participated each of the 5 days.  Of course there were a lot of students, faculty, and staff who were not able to stop at our kiosk between 7:45 and 9:00 in the morning.  The Sustainability Council applauds you all for leaving your cars at home and for using your own calories to get to campus!! 

 Kudos to all who helped to make the event a success by standing in the cold morning air, hanging flyers, and procuring prizes and treats:

Jenn Siegel, Jesse Curtis, Ben Bolton, Matt Reynolds, Jette Morache, Jan Simpkin, Randy Smith, Holly Hamilton, and Sarah Harris.

 A special thanks is extended to our local bike shops who donated free tune-ups for our raffle.  Please patronize these local businesses whenever you need bike stuff:

Cycle Therapy

Epic Ride

Spoke and Wheel

 Last, but not least, congratulations to the following people who won raffle prizes:

Harold Chambers, Jessie Curtis, Auna San, Lisa Harris, Shree Subedi, Nik Brown, Charmaine West, Eryn Johnson, Yagow, Miles Orton, Courtney Bloom, Hernan Sanchez, Jacob Bosten, Randy Simonson, Kaitlyn Rogers, Kelly Guidry, Chris Anderson, Kortni Cox, Kevin Wright, Sandra Goddard, Kalie Wright, Channy Phillips, and Amber Garrison.

Prize-winners, if you have not picked up your prize, it is waiting for you in Shields 213 office D or E.

CSI Green Week 2012

Thank you to everyone who made CSI Green Week 2012 a success!  For a small sampling of the great activities all week, watch two different KMVT videos, dated April 15 and April 17

Bicycle Commuting Safety Seminar

Watch a KMVT video of the Cyclist Safety event during Green Week.

Bike Week 2012

Watch a KMVT video or read the transcript here.

Congratulations CSI for extending the life of the landfill!

Over the last few years CSI has substantially reduced the amount of pounds it is sending to the landfill.  This is reflected in the just released 2011 recycling numbers.  CSI sent 57,001 pounds to the recycling center in 2011 (dual stream program began in May) up from 28,091 pounds in 2010. That’s a 101% increase!  The increased recycling has resulted in fewer trash dumpsters and less pickup service required at CSI.  A big thank you goes out to the CSI community, Joe Lemoine, and the custodial staff for making CSI’s recycling program a HUGE success.

 2009 = 7,390 pounds

2010 = 28,091 pounds

2011 = 57,001 pounds

Follow this link to see what you can recycle.

Van Pool Commuting

During Fall 2011 students and faculty from Hailey and Shoshone have been saving money and reducing their carbon footprints by commuting to the main campus as part of Mountain Rides Van Pool Program.  Erica Lauritsen, Chemistry major, is the van’s volunteer driver. Erica completed a training session

with Mountain Rides and is a former semi-truck driver. Eleven CSI students and one faculty member are riding in the van this semester. CSI’s Blaine County Director, Dr. Jenny Emery Davidson worked with Mountain Rides to make this alternative transportation available to students who especially appreciate the opportunity to complete classes on the main campus that are graduation requirements for their majors.

CSI Herb Garden

CSI's Herb Garden The CSI Herb Garden was planted in the circular bed and four corner beds behind the Fine Arts Building on Graduation Day, May 13, in a community effort by students, faculty, and staff from across campus. The garden is a joint project of the Sustainability Council and Horticulture Program supported by the Student Senate and Faculty Staff Committee. Plants were started from seed by Horticulture students and nurtured for months in the Horticulture Greenhouse.

CSI’s Herb Garden is a place for hands-on learning and for thinking about food - a basic human need, central to our health and happiness. Designed to grow attractive and edible kitchen herbs, this is a garden where we can gather together or have quiet moments alone, enjoying nature. (We hope to provide benches for sitting to reflect, chat, or study in the future.) The garden is meant to be both a tangible and symbolic step in encouraging sustainability: using our soil, water, and sun to grow plants that are beautiful to see and that feed us. We hope to promote people’s health through awareness of growing and eating nutritious local foods, a concept deeply connected to our local history and agricultural heritage in Magic Valley. We will need to see which plants survive and thrive before we can make announcements about sustainable harvest.

Peace Pole Dedication

It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 Peace Poles that have been dedicated in nearly every country on Earth. Thanks to the CSI Sustainability Council, there is now one more – on our very own campus. The pole was created by the Maintenance Department and erected in a circular garden plot that is south of the CSI Tower. It was dedicated by a small, but stalwart, group of students and employees, lead by student senator Sayid Abdullaev, at noon on the very blustery Thursday of Green Week along with a campus community herb garden.
Peace Poles are now recognized as the most prominent international symbol and
monument to peace. Peace Poles bear the message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the languages of the world in the six official languages of the UN: English, French,
Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.
Planting a Peace Pole is a way of bringing people together to inspire, awaken and uplift the human consciousness the world over.

Dr. Diana Van Der Ploeg, President of Butte College in Oroville, CA visited CSI on January 12, 2011.  Butte College is a national leader in sustainability.  Dr. Van Der Ploeg's visit included a question and answer session, as well as the keynote address for all CSI faculty, staff, and administration.  The audio file (.mp3) of her keynote address can be accessed here.

Recycling Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs in Twin Falls

 Many households have switched out their traditional incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL)bulbs as an energy and money saving endeavor.  CFLs are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.  CFLs may contain approximately 4 milligrams of mercury (125 CFLs = 1 old mercury thermometer) whereas newer generation CFLs may contain as little as 1 milligram.  Regardless of the mercury content, it is best to avoid sending CFLs to the landfill.  However, many CFLs do end up in the landfill because people do not know where to recycle them.  There are at least two places in our community that accept CFLs for recycling, Lowes and Home Depot (if you know of others please let Randy Smith know).  So, when your CFLs “burn” out, take them to be recycled. If you are curious about other aspects of CFL use such as What should I do if a CFL breaks?  What is mercury and what are its sources?  How does using CFLs result in less mercury being emitted into the environment?  Click on the following link:   http://www.gelighting.com/na/home_lighting/ask_us/faq_compact.htm#safe_home

Pen Recycling Program Initiated

STOP!!!!! The final resting place for your dead pen is not the trash can.  The Sustainability Council, Business Office, Bookstore, and Office Max announce a new pen recycling program at CSI.  The way to recycle your dead pens (including dry erase markers and sharpies) is to place them in the marked boxes at convenient locations (Bookstore, Library, and others) or send them in envelopes to Sarah Harris (Shields Bldg.) via intercampus mail.  The pens will then be sent to Office Max.  The CSI Foundation will receive 2 cents for every pen we send them.  Just another way you can contribute your 2 cents worth at CSI. 

Community Happenings

2011: The Year of Idaho Food is a grass-roots, year-long, statewide look at the surprising variety of foods grown in Idaho — and not simply focusing on the foods themselves, but also on the social, economic and environmental significance of those foods. For more information see http://www.nwfoodnews.com/about-the-year-of-idaho-food/

Single-stream recycling comes to Twin Falls. Residents will be able to put different recyclables in the same bin, diverting trash from landfills and returning materials to use. Both Boise and Pocatello more than doubled their recycling by implementing single-stream recycling!

Prairie Falcon Audubon, an Idaho Chapter of National Audubon serving Magic and Wood River Valleys has launched a new website: http://prairiefalconaudubon.org/,

Sustainability Tip

If you drive to campus, try parking somewhere between your first class of the day and your last class of the day.  You'll save time, gas, and frustration in trying to move your car between classes, and you'll get a bit of fresh air and exercise while walking. 

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